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Vision and Mission

We shall offer world class products at competitive terms and services for exceeding.

Quality Policy

We are committed towards quality by meeting and fulfil expectations of our customers.

Our Strength

Research & Development - Roots of Shiv Shakti Polymers are in research and development.


We are one of India’s leading producers of glues and sealants. Twenty years of ongoing research, development, and market guidance provide the foundation for all of our product contributions. Long-term client support in India and internationally has solidified our position as a producer and supplier of cutting-edge goods.

Shiv Shakti Polymers has become a force in innovation thanks to our consistent efforts to work with our customers and comprehend more modern substrate holding needs and challenges. It’s significant how Shiv Shakti Polymers has contributed to resolving various substrate joining issues faced by some of India’s top manufacturers of cars, mattresses, furniture, and paper goods today.


We are the leading manufacturer of specialty adhesives, footwear adhesives, hot-melt adhesives

Synthetic rubber adhesive

One of the finest range of solvent-based rubber adhesives to suit a variety of Furniture, Foam, Mattresses, Carpeting and Upholstery applications. These products are result of careful formulations using top quality additives and culmination of decades of experience.

Spray adhesive

Shiv shakti polymers product range incorporates conventional advancements like dissolvable based glues, just as fresher advances like water-based adhesive, hot melts and cyan. 

Polyurethane adhesive

Polyurethane adhesive is a translucent, solvent based, polyurethane adhesive of medium viscosity. It has outstanding heat resistance and is especially suited for bonding leather, PVC, PU and TPR premoulded sole units in the footwear industry.

Export Activities

Shiv Shakti Polymers its products to about 15 Countries

Europe, The Middle East, Latin America, South East Asia, Countries of Africa, CIS. Exporting world-wide either directly to the customers or through our network of Agents and Distributors.